Firstly, apologies for the title. Somebody had to make an Electric Six reference, even if it's not in the best possible taste...

Enda Kenny reportedly "turned up" unannounced to Pantibar last night for the Fine Gael's LGBT Christmas soiree. Panti Bliss, AKA Rory O'Neill, posted the following to Facebook and Twitter.

Needless to say, an array of comments started flooding in under the photo, prompting the following via Panti's facebook page:

"UPDATE: To all the people having a conniption. Calm down. We didn't know he was coming. He came to meet the Fine Gael LGBT group who were having a Christmas get-together drink in the bar. It's a public bar. Anyone can drink here. Why'd I post the picture? Because the Taoiseach in a gay bar is a first. It's significant because only a few years ago a Taoiseach wouldn't have dared, so it shows how times have changed. It's also a picture of the leader of the country in the gay bar that this page is actually about, so of course it's of interest to this page! Jaysus. And by the way, if Michael Martin, or Joan Burton, or Gerry Adams or any other elected representative comes in we'll serve them too. That's what public bars do."

Some of the comments were so heated, it warranted this post to Twitter. 

Hear, hear. 

Now, let this infiltrate your brain for the rest of the day. Some may find it NSFW.