Unfortunately, it seems that his avant-garde music act 'Enda The World' will not be travelling with him. 

A number of ministers and government officials will be heading away to spend St. Patrick's Day abroad, among them Enda Kenny. He'll visit The White House, as usual, but while he's Stateside he's also going to take in the sights and sounds of the famous SXSW festival.

According to The Journal, Enda will be speaking at SXSW Interactive, a section of the festival where the best and the brightest meet to talk about anything from the world of business to video games, and Kenny will be there to deliver a speech on Ireland's economy. Festival organisers say he will "discuss how the Irish economy has been growing rapidly and how Ireland's reputation is shaping up to become a location for launching startups and a leading tech and innovation hub."

Enda will probably also drop by the new Irish consulate in Austin, which opened at the end of 2014, but as for catching any gigs, well, that depends on his schedule. You never know, Enda could be a huge Action Bronson fan. 

Via The Journal