Enda Kenny, free of his responsibilities as Taoiseach of Ireland, has decided to kick back, let it all hang out and grow a beard.

The formerly fresh-faced Fine Gaeler was spotted at the All-Ireland Hurling Final earlier today sporting just a teensy bit of scruff on his Chevy Chase by photographers, and needless to say, the imagery spread across Twitter like a patchwork beard.

Here's that beard.

It may just be that former Taoiseach Enda Kenny was out on one last night, rolled out of bed at about twelve or so, wasn't arsed going out to look for fresh razors and decided to just keep on with the scruff. Anyone can relate to that because that's how 75% of all beards begin.

You're sick of shaving, you can't be arsed paying €500 for a razor, so you just sort of... let it happen. We know, Enda. We know.

Just wash it every so often and you'll be grand.