Yes, a guy who dressed like Emperor Palpatine, who's name was listed as Palpatine in the ballot and worked as an 'Emperor' for LLC Palpatine Group, won an election in Ukraine.

That is a factual, completely legitimate headline and we've got even more facty facts to back it all up.

Local elections in Ukraine have always been somewhat of a pisstake, but the city council elections in Odessa have been more than a little oddball. The city, which is firmly got bats**t for Star Wars lately, saw several candidates enter the race who were from the Star Wars universe.

In fact, a number of voters turned up at polling stations in costume to vote, with Chewbacca being arrested for attempting to vote. This isn't the first time a Star Wars character has tried to win votes in an election in Ukraine.

Last year saw Yoda and Queen Amidala stand for election in Ukraine, however both candidates failed to be nominated. The other candidates on this year's election, however, didn't find the idea of Emperor Palpatine's election all that funny.

One candidate, Sasha Borovik, took to Facebook and decried the choice of voters, saying it was "above (his) understanding."

Now that Emperor Palpatine has been elected to city council, we can only guess that it'll be a short while before Ukraine begins construction on the Death Star.