There's a new social network in town that wants you to communicate with your mates using emojis only.

Emojli has a pretty simple idea: because all the other social networks have loads of span, trolls and people in general being jerks, then why not go somewhere where you can't possibly have any of that. Why? Because there are no words...literally. 

Tom Scott and Matt Gray are behind the plan to make a social network where you communicate with your friends using only emoji, and told UsvTh3m that they figured "if we didn’t build it someone else would. We weren’t sold on it until we came up with the idea that even the usernames should be emoji — at which point we both burst out laughing and decided to build it". 

You might want to act quick and get in with your own emoji-based username, and start figuring out how the heck you're going to make yourself understood. Thumbsup for the idea anyway.

Via UsvsTh3m