Here's some news that should spur on pushy showbiz parents no end.

Emma Watson has been named Hollywood's highest-earning actress. Not bad for someone who can't act *ducks*

The Harry Potter star, all 19 years of her, banked more last year than Hollywood bigwigs including Cameron Diaz, Angelina Jolie and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Emma finished 14th in Vanity Fair magazine's table of Hollywood's top 40 earners, after raking in $30 million last year for her roles in the final two parts of the Harry Potter franchise, The Deathly Hallows I and II.

It gets better. Her Harry Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe came sixth in the overall rankings after netting a whopping $40.6 million. The 20-year-old was actually the highest-earning actor on the list after making more than Ben Stiller and Tom Hanks last year. The top five positions on the list were held by directors, with Transformers maker Michael Bay named as Hollywood's highest-earner with a staggering $125 million. Steven Spielberg took second place, earning $85 million.

Coming in second in the list of female earners was Cameron Diaz with $27million , which makes little sense, while Sex and the City actress Parker made $24million, the same amount as Katherine Heigl? Mental.

Radcliffe earned yet more money from Harry Potter merchandise, meaning he raked in more than Johnny Depp and Robert De Niro, and has used some of the money to build up a property portfolio in the US. Which is nice.

The top Hollywood earners in 2009:
1. Michael Bay, producer-director ($125 million)
2. Steven Spielberg, producer-director ($85 million)
3. Roland Emmerich, producer-director ($70 million)
4. James Cameron, producer-director ($50 million)
5. Todd Phillips, director ($44 million)
6. Daniel Radcliffe, actor $40.6 million)
7. Ben Stiller, actor ($40 million)
8. Tom Hanks, actor ($36 million)
9. J. J. Abrams, producer-director ($36 million)
10. Jerry Bruckheimer, producer ($35.5 million)

Hollywood's top female earners in 2009:
1. Emma Watson, actress ($30million)
2. Cameron Diaz, actress ($27million)
3. Sarah Jessica Parker, actress ($24million)
= 3. Katherine Heigl, actress ($24million)
5. Reese Witherspoon, actress ($21million)
6. Angelina Jolie, actress ($21million)
7. Jennifer Aniston, actress ($20million)
8. Sandra Bullock, actress ($20million)
9. Kristen Stewart, actress ($16million)

Yes, but are they happy? *tumbleweeds*