Aaaah, now we understand why she had to opt for trousers; her arse would've been hanging out otherwise.

Emma, who made our Best Dressed article yesterday - purely for the novelty factor (our only quibble was that our preference would always be a bared leg) - has explained why she chose to sport a glorified hospital gown to the Golden Globes. Speaking with In Style magazine about her Dior dress, she said:

“I just thought it was really fun because it had trousers. I felt very easy, very comfortable in it, and I think that’s really important, and it felt kind of original. It felt a bit different." In hindsight, if felt a bit like an apron/1940s house dress.

What possibly clinched it for Emma was just how practical it was (apart from the bared arse bit): “It has pockets.”

Very handy perch for the thumbs during all that pesky red carpet 'teapot' posing. You can't argue with that.