Minor political parties are all scrambling to change their name to have 'Independent' in them so that unwitting celebrities will sign up to them. Just a theory; it's worked for the American Independent Party. 

The LA Times
are reporting that the AIP are touting themselves as the "The Fastest Growing Political Party in California" - mostly because their name is confusing voters. According to to report: "during a recent telephone survey, nearly three in four people did not realise they had joined the conservative minor political party - and voters were confused over the word 'independent'."

It is believed that voters thought that they were declaring they had "no party affiliation" or preference. Instead people have signed up to an uber conservative party. This has resulted in the likes of Demi Moore releasing statements such as "Demi Moore is not, nor has ever been, a member of the American Independent Party... Any record that states otherwise is a mistake."

Kaley Cuoco released the following: "The views of this party do not accurately reflect my personal beliefs and I am not affiliated with any political party. As such, I am taking the necessary steps to immediately remove my name as a member of this voting party."

People reports that "Emma Stone and boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard plan to re-register before the June election, representatives told the newspaper. And a family spokesman said Patrick Schwarzenegger - who selected the American Independent Party when he registered to vote in 2013 - plans to change his registration."