We've all been there: you drank too much water at lunch, you're midway through a long shopping trip and there's nary a toilet in sight.

Not all of us have taken to peeing in a bottle in such a situation, but when you've gotta go, you've gotta go.

In one of the more bizarre celebrity encounters you've probably heard today, a French shoe shop owner claimed that Elton John relieved himself in his store in Nice yesterday.

The music legend was visiting the Sugarkikz store in the French city with his two songs Zachary and Elijah when he asked its owner Ryan Sukkar to use the bathroom.

When he was told that there was no bathroom available, Sukkar told TMZ that the 77-year-old asked his bodyguard for a bottle and allegedly relieved himself into it, "not far from shoppers".

Sukkar, who did not recognise John, said he was "shocked and frustrated" and that some urine had hit the floor. The 'I'm Still Standing' singer reportedly asked his security for a towel to clean up the mess.

Sukkar then asked the music legend what he did for a living - to which he replied: "I'm Elton John."

In fairness, he's not wrong.

He did at least buy some shoes for his sons...