Hey, they don't call him the 'Ultimate Elton' for nothing, you know...

Sheila Farebrother, AKA Elton John's mum, has been "estranged" from the singer since approximately 2008 after she allegedly made a "comment" to David Furnish which obviously descended like a lead balloon. This week, she turned 90, and her son (the real Elton John) sent her flowers - because he's over the other side of the world play Vegas and unable/too busy to attend. 

In a very darkly humorous, yet ultimately sad move, Elton John's 90-year-old mother hired 'Ultimate Elton' lookalike, Paul Bacon, to attend in her son's place. As it turns out, the real Kiki Dee (of Don't Go Breaking My Heart fame) was also in attendance, so there was of course a duet. We're unsure if Kiki was aware that she was singing with a lookalike, but one can only assume she did. 

According to The Mirror, Elton had a close relationship with his mum; she was a witness at his 2005 nuptials to Furnish. After things went south after 2008, Elton reportedly failed to show for his stepfather's funeral in 2010. 

A rep for Elton said: "Elton is on tour in America but I know he sent flowers. He can't be there if he is on stage." Given he's worth over 250 million Euro, surely he could've rescheduled a few things. Then again, he obviously has his reasons. 

For those keeping track of Elton's Dolce and Gabbana boycott, that D&G bag he was seen wandering around with after he said he'd never purchase an item from the designers ever again, he was just being environmentally aware. Seemingly one of his assistants “put his sandwiches into his bag without thinking."

Via The Mirror