The Tesla man doesn’t mess around.

For most of us, betting is probably a once or twice a year thing. When the Grand National comes around you might put €5 each way on a horse with a funny name, or maybe, and we’re not speaking from experience here, you’ll wager a small fortune on the Bulgarian Eurovision entry that your friend told you was definitely, definitely going to win.

But that’s not how Elon Musk rolls.

Back in March he made a bet with Mike Cannon-Brookes, founder of Australian enterprise company Atlassian, that he could install the world’s largest lithium-ion battery in Australia within 100 days. And if he couldn’t, he would do it for free, which would cost him in the region of $50M.

The 129-megawatt-hour battery was being built for the Government of South Australia which has experienced a wave of blackouts over the last eighteen months due to storms. Musk made good on his word. The deadline was December 1st, so the battery project was completed with a week to spare. Musk took to Twitter to thank employees for their hard work:

Via: Sky News