Whether he was trying to be "down with the kids", or act "cool", or maybe he was just having a brief brain fart, Elon Musk asked the internet to send him "dank memes" and it went about as well as you would imagine. 

If we've all learned one thing in this internet-dependent world, it's that you don't ask the internet for anything, especially not on social media. It's like that time Justin Bieber asked the internet to track down a girl for him, or when Paris Hilton asked Twitter "what's on your mind?" - it could really go one way or the other.

Enter Musk, the boyfriend of singer Grimes, and that guy who recently called one of the Thai cave rescuers a "Pedo". Musk was also recently forced to step down as the chairman of his car company Tesla due to a misleading Tweet, and has clearly not learned his lesson.

He took to Twitter to ask the internet to "Send me your dankest memes!!":

Here's the highlight's of the response to Musk. Enjoy: