As tonight's Lotto jackpot hits €14,000,000, there's definitely a few people who have undoubtedly come up with a shopping list for what they'd do if they won.

With one of the highest jackpots on record, you could buy pretty much anything on this list with some change leftover.



Built in 2012, the M/Y Tabarkallah sleeps nine people and is 43 metres long. The luxurious rooms inside come with their own television, beds AND a huge deck that has a seating area and deck tables.


7. GUMELEI CAY - €14,457,132

Located on Baker's Bay in the Bahamas, this eight-acre island is one of the most exclusive parts of the Caribbean. In fact, you're just 45 minutes from the airport and one minute from a Tom Fazio-designed golf course. When you've got that amount of money in the bank, you'll know who that is.


6. AN OSCAR-NOMINATED FILM - Approximately €10,000,000

Fancy yourself as a film producer? With €14,000,000 on hand, you could bankroll just about any mid-range film project you like. The production budget for Room, the Academy Award-nominated film that's currently in cinemas, totalled $6,000,000.


5. A FLEET OF '09 BUGATTI VEYRONS - €1,005,068 each

In case you're bored of driving a Bugatti in pearlescent black, you can drive one in pearlescent gold. Be a little more conspicuous.


4. 1,931,034 MIGHTY MAC MEALS - €7.25 each

In case you get hungry.


3. 266 DAYS OF CRISTIANO RONALDO - €363,000 per week

Eventually, you'd have to get him to do something. Get him to empty the dishwasher, maybe?


2. 14 HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS CONCERTS - €499,000 per concert

'80s pop-rock pioneers Huey Lewis & The News charge €300,000 to €499,000 per international concert, according to Celebrity Talent International. Here's hoping you like Fore! and Sports.



1. 16,110 iPHONE 6s - €899 each

You could hand one out to every person in Celbridge, Co. Kildare and still have about 1,000 left over.