Twitter isn't for everyone.

Some people just don't like the idea of sharing their thoughts with the world and prefer the privacy. Others, however, share too much. Way too much. Some people, on the other hand, use Twitter in all the wrong ways. It can be to aggrandise themselves, push their crappy single / film / recipe book / whatever.

There's too many examples to list of terrible, terrible Twitter accounts, but we've pooled a collection of eight celebrities who really need to have Twitter taken off them.

It's for their own good. And yours.



Look, it's clear that we're getting old because we don't understand Jaden Smith or his appeal. Sure, he's weird. That's good. Weird is good. We can respect weird. That doesn't extend to faux-profound tweets like this, however.



This is for your own good, Alec Baldwin. The Edge, Hunt For Red October, 30 Rock, whenever you turn up on SNL - we respect your body of work, Alec Baldwin. Seriously, though. Twitter's not for you. You've got anger issues. Twitter's an opportunity to vent, we get that, and you're perfectly entitled to your anger - but don't do it on such a public forum. Leave it be, man. Shout into a cushion or something, just stay off Twitter.



Many years from now, we hope to look back on the time when Donald Trump almost became US President and laugh. We can scroll through his Twitter account and chuckle about it. Chuckle like how you were almost in a car-crash because you were singing too loudly to a particular song. It's horrifying, you were scared shitless at the time and you learned a lesson the hard way - but you can laugh about it now. In the meantime, however, Trump needs to have his Twitter taken away from him because nobody should have to listen to that level of bullshit on a daily basis.



Well, this one goes without saying. All 641,000 of her followers are giving her that which she craves most - attention. Yes, by us including her in this list, we're doing the same. This is in service to highlighting the fact that she's a terrible, terrible person, so it's OK.


4. 50 CENT

50 Cent's lack of a social filter means that he has no buffer between his brain and his Twitter account. That's bad news. Just look at this.



It's hard to quantify just how genuinely fucking awful Perez Hilton is. In 2010, he posted a picture on his Twitter account of Miley Cyrus getting out of a car with her vagina exposed. She was seventeen years old at the time, so that's pretty much illegal. He didn't delete the tweet, either. Want more examples? He posted pictures of the iCloud Hack of 2014 all over his Twitter and on his shitty website. More evidence, you say? Look on his Twitter and see. Better yet, don't.



Remember when Azealia Banks was relevant? Yeah, us neither. This one might actually no longer be applicable as she's banned from Twitter for - you guessed it - being awful. Bette Midler, of course, nails both Banks' and Trump's situation nicely. Good job, Krudler.



Piers Morgan's Twitter is like the warm goo from Ghostbusters II. When you're exposed to it, you get progressively angrier and angrier. You scroll down through a week's worth of tweets and you're foaming at the mouth with rage. For health reasons alone, Piers Morgan needs to be taken off Twitter. Blood pressure rates across the globe would drop dramatically and that's a saving for taxpayers and national health budgets everywhere. Also, we have to give credit to Gary Lineker for regularly putting him in his place. It's always a joy to see.