Ashton Kutcher, who has reportedly just completed work on a "sex comedy" called 'Spread' (nice), is now considering a wee bit of a career adjustment: "I made a sort of, like, a porno-pseudo-comedy movie (oh, not a pseudo-porno-comedy then? So, he made a faux funny porno? So, like, it's 'What Happens in Vegas' except with porn? Gotcha. Sounds like a riot!) So maybe I'll do some more (unfunny) porno. It worked for Jenna Jameson. I was actually in London last week, and they knew who Ron Jeremy was. He's a famous porn star in London as well. I didn't realise that porn stars were famous in other countries. I thought London had their own. Apparently they don't.  I think we have, as a country, kind of a corner on that market, so I was thinking about venturing that way a little further." Yeah, London only has glamour models that under perform in "leaked" sex-tapes *coughsJordan*