Well I do declare *fans self with Heat mag* The Efron is quite dashing now that he's been permitted to sprout facial hair. It breaks up his usual CGI'd appearance nicely.

Here he is at the UK Premiere of Charlie St. Cloud, a film which was released in the states months ago. As it happens, our Mike flew over to London to interview Zac yesterday and he can confirm that, not only does he wear the guise of a gentleman, he is in fact genial through 'n through. To quote: "Efron was a gent. Lovely guy and everyone came out wanting to ride him." Fantastic. I'm looking forward to the video footage (we'll have it up in Exclusives early next week).

So after being amiable all day, Zac then had to strut over to Leicester Square to please a hoard of baying fans. And that he did. He shook hands with a multitude, so many he couldnt' resist a cautionary sniff afterwards. He even managed to make a beefy security guard weak at the knees. He schmoozed the young, the slightly older, the inexplicably barefoot, people who are frighteningly crap at art, and those fond of Sweden.

Guest list; few surprises. This dude who went to The Kid premiere the previous night. Another Inbetweener. More EastEnders past and present (indeed Ian's slightly more masculine twin offspring is liaising with the original Lauren in real life. I wonder how the latter will feel when her fellah has to interact with her upgrade when an "more mature" Lauren returns to The Square). Wag fodder. A Miquita in work mode. Innofensive singing / dancing sorts. Other wee younglings going to see their idol... OH DEAR CHRIST. What is she doing he... *slaps forehead* LIKE I NEED TO ASK! For the LOVE OF GOD Zac, she's unhinging her jaw, RUN for your LIFE!