Now that Highschool Musicaler Zac Efron has hit the big time, he's worried the missus might be left behind. So, he's given her the best advice a loving boyfriend could ever give a girlfriend - "WHIP IT AAAAAAHT, LUV!"

According to a source: "The 21-year-old actor believes that his High School Musical co-star should strip down for the big screen in an effort to shed her 'goody-goody image... Zac believes it is a good way for her to get beyond the teeny-bopper stigma. He is making the leap to A-list actor and he wants Vanessa to go along with him. He told a pal if she has to bare more of her body, then she shouldn't be afraid of doing that'."

Given the picture floating around t'internet for the last two years, which Vanessa took for her boyfriend's viewing pleasure, it would appear Zac's been rallying her nudity for quite some time. And, to be honest, I wouldn't be rushing to see that enlarged in a cinema.