Lampreys have been "raining" from the sky in a town in Alaska, signalling, of course, the end of the world. 

Residents of the town of Fairbanks have been perplexed with a spate of lampreys showing up in people's front gardens and even in a supermarket car park recently, as they appear to be simply falling out of the sky. 

The lamprey is a toothed eel that is apparently not often seen in the water in that part of Alaska, and those that have been found this week have measured up to a foot in length. There have also been reports of them appearing in strange places on four separate days this week.

There have been several attempts at explaining the phenomenon, which mention the possibility of watersporuts and tornadoes picking them up from the water, along with other debris, and dropping them in random spots, but there haven't been such adverse conditions in recent days. 

The more logical explanation, put forward by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, instead suggests that seagulls have been picking them up as prey, and instead of eating them on the spot, have carried them somewhere else, accidentally dropping them along the way. 

Via Sky News