It's bad enough having food poisoning in the first place without having the world and it's mother knowing about it. That's what poor Eddie Redmayne of Les Mis fame was dealing with last night. Sally Field seemed visibly anxious when presenting an award that she'd have caught something off him. Food poisoning isn't contageous though, love. Unless it was a vommiting bug, in which case you're all donald ducked this morning.

Eddie was due to present the award for Best Original Screenplay with Sally, but alas, half way through the ceremony he had to excuse himself back stage to, well, puke his ring. Y'See they may be superstars and they may have more money than we could ever dream of, but they're still human beings and they experience bodily functions just like you, me, and our grannies.

As soon as those first few hours of hell wear off, we bet he'll be very thankful to Lincoln actress Sally Field for kindly explaining to the audience both at the BAFTAs and at home, that he was 'puking his guts out' backstage. Noice. Then, making an even bigger meal of it, his co-star Anne Hathaway drew our attention to it once again whilst collecting her award for Best Supporting Actress, saying: "Eddie, feel better. I would be holding your hair back, but... food poisoning is just the worst."

We hope you're feeling better this morning Eddie. Winning four BAFTAs (all be them in rather technical categories), we're sure that ought to soften the blow of your woes.

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