Eddie Murphy's impact on standup comedy is still being felt to this day.

Without Eddie Murphy's Delirious and Raw, there'd be no Kevin Hart, no Hannibal Buress, no Louis CK and probably countless others along with them. His laidback, off-kilter routines about everything from marriage to Bill Cosby to his drunken father have gone on to become comedy classics.

Murphy is already rumoured to be in contention for a Best Actor gong at this year's Oscars with the upcoming drama Mr. Church, and in a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Murphy disclosed that he's thinking about going back to standup pretty soon.

"I haven’t done it in so long and I’m curious now to what - so much has changed - what would even come out?” This echoes a previous interview Murphy gave to THR, in which he joked about subjecting audiences to his musical stylings between jokes. "Honestly, now I really am curious about doing it again because it’s been so long, and so much has changed and I’m such a different person," said Murphy.

"I’m curious as to what it would be like if I got on stage. But, if I do that, whoever comes to see it has to sit through a bunch of my shitty songs. You’d have to hear my shtty songs between the jokes."

Don't know about you, but Party All The Time was an absolute '80s classic - it even had Rick James on it, for feck sake. Of course, the truth is that Murphy doesn't need to do standup anymore than he needs to make another film. The man's created an incredible legacy in comedy and acting, so it's entirely possible he's just thinking out loud about the whole thing.

In any case, here's Eddie Murphy's best routine from Delirious.


Via THR / Jimmy Kimmel