This is very weird. It happened to Gotye a while back but this is the SECOND time poor Eddie Murphy has had to deny being dead. Surely he doesn't need to 'deny' it though. Surely admitting it would mean he's not dead either.

Anyhoo, Digital Spy report that the Bowfinger star was the victim of an online hoax started at prank site Media Fetcher. Yet again, the actor's alleged cause of death was a snowboarding accident in Switzerland. A pic of Murphy and his new bird snuggling was enough to convince the world of his perfectly working pulse.Why the obsession with Eddie Murphy in particular? Does someone really have a vendetta against him? Why not spread it around to other stars in need of a bit of press coverage.

Last month we heard that Vanilla Ice had died in a car crash but he's still alive and kicking while Yahoo report that nobody dies more often than Justin Bieber (on Twitter). First he was shot by his publicist - well, maybe they'd like to - then he was killed like Mr Ice in a car accident.

With Twitter the news that celebs are dead can travel fast but so too can the revelation that they're not. Bieber later tweeted "wait, turns out I'm alive."

So, who should they kill off next?