Eddie Izzard has completed his grueling '27 marathons in 27 days' challenge

The comedian embarked on the challenge in South Africa for Sports Relief last month and raised more than £1m for charity along the way. He took on the challenge as a tribute to Nelson Mandela and the 27 years he spent in prison before becoming the first black President of South Africa. 

Izzard had to complete two marathons on the final day as he ended up in hospital on day 5 and had to take an unscheduled rest day. Throughout the 707 mile route, he had to battle dehydration, heat exhaustion and sunstroke. 

“It’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever done and I’m very tired,” he told the BBC. "Thank you to everyone who has donated. This was tough so don’t do this at home.”

He attempted the same feat back in 2012 but was forced to stop after the fourth marathon due to health issues. 

“This has been a long project, but with the help of ‘Team 27’ I did it. Thank you so much to everyone who donated. I always knew I’d be back. When I didn’t make it in 2012 I knew I’d be back. I can’t stand upright, I have a huge blister and I’m exhausted. But I’m delighted.”

Via The Guardian