A teenager from Dublin who is battling cystic fibrosis had her wish granted today after some stellar work from her favourite singer Ed Sheeran and the good people at The Independent.

15-year-old Triona, who with the help of hundreds of friends and family got #SongForTri trending on Twitter on Sunday, is Sheeran's biggest fan, and wanted nothing more than to hear him sing and meet the man himself. When they failed to grab his attention, The Independent got involved and reached out to the singer.

First Sheeran tweeted the teenager, but once independent.ie learned of the severity of her condition, they got in touch with the singer directly and gave him Triona's number.

After that contact was made, Ed confirmed to independent.ie that he had in fact spoken to the teenager, and said: 'I managed to get in contact with Triona, It's so sad.'

Fair play to all involved. It's nice to know that every now and then the internet and media can be used for good. Ed seems like an absolute gent. 

Via Independent.ie