On Thursday, the US held its annual Red Nose Day / Comic Relief. The event has been taking place in the UK for years, but only began in America in 2015. The idea remains the same, a bunch of celebrities go on television and lend their talents to raise money for children living in poverty.

Singer Ed Sheeran is currently travelling in Japan, so was unable to take part directly, but set a challenge to the American people that if they raised more than the previous year, he would dress up in a red tutu and eat the most disgusting food in Japan.

Ed is currently on a social media break, so the challenge was issued via the twitter of James Corden.

In total $32 million was raised, surpassing the 2015 figure. True to his word, Ed donned the tutu and munched his way through Japanese sea snails. 


We always knew Ed was a great guy.