Indeed you did read that correctly. She of Friends, Brad Pitt and the haircut fame invited the Give Me Love singer to celebrate the American holiday for the first time with her and other friends in Los Angeles last Thursday for some reason. As it happens, 22-year-old Ed admits he didn't enjoy all of the traditional food combinations.

The ingrate told "I had turkey. I had stuffing. I had sweet potato, which you call a yam apparently, but there was a marshmallow in mine. Is that meant to happen? You shouldn't do that."

But he insists they had a "really nice" time together as they also celebrated Hanukkah. He said: "My Jewish friend was there and it was the second day and he was lighting a candle and singing a song with his kids. It was really nice." He even went to far as to call the experience - and perhaps have a vom vessel at the ready - a "chill hang." He was wearing board shorts and everything.

Jennifer's manager, Aleen Keshishian, posted a snap online of the three of them together, with the imaginative caption: '#happythanksgiving #jenniferaniston @aleenkeshishian #edsheeran.'

As you may have noticed, Jennifer is not the only former Friends actress Ed has been "chill hanging" *bllleeerrruuuughs* with. He tweeted recently to drum up support for Courteney Cox to win a People's Choice Award for her role in Cougar Town.

He wrote: "My friend Courteney is nominated for a People's Choice Award for favourite cable TV actress. She's never won one before, and she lets me live in her beach house (why?), so how's about we all vote for her and win her the ... thang eh? Safe. (sic)"

Word, Ed. Word. No, seriously, mind your words, they're going to sh*t. As for you hanging out with the A-listers thang; remember when your idol Damien Rice was hanging out with Renee Zellweger for some unknown reason? Whatever happened to that pair... Anyway, Enjoy!

>Ed Sheeran and Sacha Baron Cohen do Arabic rap at Courteney Cox's Thanksgiving dinner. Why, yes, he does get about a bit.