Before you start thinking, "My, Ed Sheeran's after getting all Motley Crue, handpicking fans to frolic with after his gigs"; he wasn't the one doing the asking. Rather a fan's ma was... That's all manner of wrong.

The singer was left slightly disturbed when the "pushy" mum of a female fan asked him to be her daughter's first kiss on the lips, but Ed swiftly declined as the fan was a little bit on the young side.

He recalled: "My fans are actually pretty normal. I don't really get weird ones. It's usually the mums that are quite intense and pushy. One asked me if I would, 'be my daughter's first kiss'. She was 11. It was really weird."

Ed is currently celebrating the success of his second album, 'x', which recently topped the UK album chart, which means he doesn't have to choose between having a burger or chips.

He explained to We Love Pop magazine: "I'm just more comfortable now. I don't have to worry if I can pay for a train ticket to the studio or if I'm having a burger and chips or just chips at night. It's easier." Bless. It really is the simple things.

The 23-year-old also isn't worried about ex-girlfriends realising he's singing about them in his autobiographical music. He shrugged: "That's the worry being a songwriter and dating a songwriter - that's going to happen. It's one of the hazards of the job."

And that's why himself and Taylor Swift should totally start dating each other; everyone else is too freaked to go near them.