It's not all good news though. 

So if you are one of many employees out there that finds themselves easily distracted in the workplace...

...congratulations, you may be intellectually superior to your colleagues. 

According to new research form workplace solutions firm, Steelcase, intelligent people find it more difficult to prioritise ideas or tasks. Increased use of technology such as computers, smartphones and other devices is making it harder for employees to stay focused on their intended workload.

A study of 10,000 people from a total of 17 countries found that almost half of the participants found admitted to losing concentration easily while in the office. It also found that the average employee has up to eight tabs open on their computer at any one time. Participants also found that often their mind would wander every three minutes. 

Smartphones have been identified as one of the main issues here with the study finding that those questioned check their phones up 200 times a day.

Researchers have suggested that more intelligent people seem to struggle because they attempt to solve each problem as it arises. This can lead to "a feeling of inadequacy and inability to deal with the workload as a whole."

So to summarise, the good news is that if you're easily distracted you may be more intelligent than your colleagues. The bad news is that you might not fill your intellectual potential and be as good at your job. 

Via Metro