Although the vote is still being tallied across the nation, it appears that early figures suggest the Yes vote won by a significant margin.

As it stands now, Dublin South East has one of the highest ratios of Yes votes in the country, with over 120 votes in favour and 20 against.

According to the latest figures, Celbridge / North Kildare has registered 362 votes in favour and 97 against.

Meanwhile, in rural areas, there appears to be a 50 / 50 divide between Yes and No votes, with some areas such as Clonmel voting against the Referendum in early tallies.

The full tally for the entire country is expected by 4PM today, with the announcement being officially made at Dublin Castle.

The turnout for the Marriage Equality Referendum is expected to be the highest in the state, with some constituencies recording a full turnout.

Already, key figures from the No campaign have essentially conceding defeat, with David Quinn of the Iona Institute publicly congratulating the Yes side on their campaign.

We'll be back at 4PM when the full tally is announced.

It's a big day, folks.