Eamonn Holmes is no stranger to controversy - nor to speaking his mind, as we've seen in recent months as he has aired his views on Philip Schofield.

Since moving to GB News, the Northern Irish broadcaster has become arguably more contrary than ever - and his recent comments about the English women's football team, aka the Lionesses, have not gone down well with a UK audience.

As you may know, England were beaten 1-0 by Spain in the Women's World Cup final on Sunday, but Holmes was clearly in no mood for platitudes.

Reporting on the suggestion made by Labour leader Keir Starmer that the team should be "recognised by the honours system" for their efforts in reaching the final, Holmes giggled as his co-host Isabel Webster said  "I’m still so sad about it, it was such a shame."

He cut her off by saying "What's sad? It was a football match, they lost it, that was it, move on. They'll still get the medals for it."

When Webster asked him if he was disappointed by England's defeat, he said that he was more upset about Manchester United losing to Tottenham on Sunday.

His comments led some UK views to call him a "sad, bitter little man." Other X users described him as "lower than a slug's bottom" and claimed that he had "sunk to a new low", while someone else said: "I bet he wouldn't be saying this if it was the men's final. His wife must be really proud of him."