One could reasonably argue that if the Catholic Church really wanted to join the 21st century, they could do a few different things than making an e-rosary bead.

For example, they could allow women priests and abolish celibacy, acknowledge and pay reparations for the crimes against humanity they've carried out on generations of people, accept the LGBT community into its congregation without believing them to be abomination, use its funds and property to end poverty instead of soliciting donations (or selling e-rosary beads) from others, and about a hundred, thousand other different things.

Or, y'know, make and sell e-rosary beads.

The Vatican is currently offering sets of e-rosary beads for sale. The e-rosary beads work like a fitness tracker - again, not a joke - and "shows the user’s progress throughout the different mysteries and keeps track of each rosary completed," according to actual website Vatican News.

Currently, the e-rosary bead is only available through Amazon Italy and Acer Italy's website, and is currently selling for €99.99, because praying for it isn't going to help make it a reality. In fact, one could reasonably argue praying for anything has never made anything into a reality.

But hey, what do we know? We're just an entertainment website.