This is upsetting. Listen, we rarely open up our tiny, creaking, ashen heart to anyone, so when we do - we fall hard. That's why we empathise with Jennifer Lawrence. She falls hard. Often. Some might say a bit too often, and apparently that's just one of the many reasons why we're destined to fall out of love with her. To be honest, I doubt anyone in the public eye would go out of their way to look like they'd rather throttle a woman from behind than snot themselves for the umpteenth time.

E! Online have published an article which may be instrumental in toppling Jennifer off her sweetheart pedestal. And, before you open the link, we feel obliged to warn you of its content... OK. They compare her tooooo, braaaace yooooourselves... Anne Hathaway. They have both their heads being violated by thermometers and everything.

Why would anyone do that? WHY? They are entirely different people. Is Jennifer Lawrence sickly sweet? Does Jennifer Lawrence have the hum of the insincere off her? Would James Franco consider hosting the Oscars with Jennifer Lawrence? Probably, but it would never happen 'cause she couldn't handle being on stage for that length of time without cursing/farting/falling over/possibly vomming out of fear a little.

I'm sorry, but while we're at it, when was Anne Hathaway ever "Universally Loved"?! Bring on the "1,000,000th GIF posted on Buzzfeed" we say. BRING. IT.

OK, clearly we're not ready to fall out of love with her just yet, unlike the cool kids who tend to get bored easily by folk once they become popular. Some may insist her fall is inevitable, but why does it have to be? Ah, possibly because, deep down, there's a begrudger who enjoys a soupcon of latent misogyny residing in most of us...

Until that takes over, like it invariably does, let's not rob the woman of her right to be great!

>Jennifer Lawrence: Fears falls could be seen as gimmicks