If you work in any kind of capacity that requires you to send e-mails, chances are you've thought about the sign-off.

Is simply writing 'Best' enough, or is 'Cheers' far too informal? Does anyone sign-off with 'Sincerely' any more, or is it even better just to leave it empty altogether?

Well, whatever you choose, this e-mail sign-off alignment chart (yes, that's a thing) reveals more about your personality than you could possibly imagine. Not only is this thing eerily accurate, it's also covers even that most bizarre of endings - the bewildering 'Ciao' at the end of an e-mail.

Who uses 'Ciao' other than Italians? Crazy people, that's who. Crazy people. 'Warmly', however, definitely doesn't feel like it should be lawful good because, quite honestly, you almost never see it being used. More to the point, who ends an e-mail with a temperature?

Maybe we're not getting those kinds of e-mails, though. At any rate, this chart is more revealing of the inner workings of your soul than you'd expect.

Take a look.