In short, pretty much everyone I'd like to shove into a box, bolt it shut and blast it into space attended E! 's 2012 Upfront (About Being Largely Talentless) in New York yesterday.

We have the Kardashian Klantheir overlord, in turn her overlord, the Jonas brothers (who knew Nick would grow up to be so tall, Joe's on his tippy toes there), Kelly Osbourne, Chelsea Handler, Cocowho - in case you'd forgotten - is known for being the ass married to Ice-T, Rivers senior and Jr, this shrinking violet, Bill Rancic and Juliana Rancic (they don't have to get in the box, they're going to be parents soon), and Nigel Lythgoe alongside… Olivia Lee. Nigel, she didn't work in the UK, so the likelihood of her doing - NARGH who am I kidding, she's got a (southern) British accent and she's in America *DINGDINGDINGDINGDING*

Out of all of these future box dwellers, there are three who should hustle themselves inside before they piddle all over Clint Eastwood's legacy. Hellew, Morgan, Francesca and Dina Eastwood. Oh, and your extended peripherals. Clint didn't choose to join you? Strange that.

To reiterate, this is the specific person who's first in line to urinate on Clint's good name, his wife, who's called Dina… as if a seventh sign were needed.

MRS. EASTWOOD & COMPANY debuts on E! on May 20th...