American traditions are hard to understand.

If they're not stealing land off Native Americans or electing failed businessmen and psychopaths to lead them, they're making potatoes with marshmallows and stewed in Coke to celebrate said theft of land from Native Americans. On top of this, they also have giant helium balloons that float through New York on the same day.

Yes, the annual New York Thanksgiving Parade this year might have been a muted one, owing to the fact that the US government decided to just let coronavirus take its course, but one moment in the parade raised an eyebrow for us, so to speak.


That's right, a giant helium balloon of that iconic image of Dwayne Johnson in the '90s, complete with bumbag / fannypack / whatever you call it, a poloneck, chain over said poloneck, and finely-plucked eyebrows.

Never let it be said that the '90s were the decade that fashion forgot. If anything, it was the decade that fashion will never let it be forgot. Anyway, the float was to kick off Dwayne Johnson's new TV show about Dwayne Johnson, 'Young Rock', which covers his early years in sitcom fashion.

All well and good, but if we're utilising iconic images and memes for inspiration for parade floats in the future, please someone make the Shaq O'Neill / Cat Wiggling thing into a parade float.