Dwayne Johnson, aka the Rock, didn’t get to look the way he does without a tough diet and exercise routine, but that has led to him becoming, according to his ‘Skyscraper’ co-star Neve Campbell, 'obsessed' with other people’s food.

Campbell, who would be best-known for starring in the ‘Scream’ franchise, was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert when she revealed her colleague’s strange habit.

She explained: “He does this weird thing which is, every time you go have a meal, you go and see him and he’ll say ‘What’d you have?’ I say, ‘I ate a salad.’ He’ll say, ‘What’d you have in your salad?’ ‘Feta cheese.’ ‘What else?’ ‘Tomatoes..?’ ‘What else?’ ‘Salmon.’ ‘How’d you have the salmon?’ It’s like the weirdest thing.

“He’s like obsessed with other people’s food. It’s like porn for him, because every four hours, or maybe every two hours, someone comes out with a little tin with pieces of meat in it or whatever he’s allowed to eat in that two hour period. It’s like a machine. So he’s just jealous and all he wants to know is what people eat!”

Colbert jokes that he’s going to eat a hot fudge sundae in front of Johnson next to tease him.


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The actor is keeping busy having also had ‘Rampage’ out earlier this week with both a sequel to ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’ in the works and his ‘Fast & Furious’ spin-off opposite Jason Statham gaining momentum.