We're pet lovers. We love cats, dogs, parrots, snakes, capybaras, hamsters - all of them.

However, there's a line. And Dominique Lesbriel might have taken it a little too far. The Dutch woman, who was previously married to her CAT, is now planning to marry her dog.

Ms. Lesbriel's previous husband, Doerack the Cat, was put to sleep following an illness involving kidney failure. "Putting Doerack to sleep was horrible, I've had him since he was three, but I feel lucky to have had 16 lovely years with him," explained Dominique.

However, she's planning to get over her grief by wedding her dog, Travis. Although she's going to wait a while before tying the proverbial knot, because, y'know, customs and stuff.

She met the dog in Greece when he stole her shoes on a beach and then, as she put it, "stole my heart."

As you'd expect, there's a reason behind this. Dominique runs a website called MarryYourPet.com which handles marriage ceremonies between humans and animals. "There are rules, as with any marriage. The difference between a church ceremony and my online chapel is that I don't allow divorce. I don't want to let anyone abandon their pet."

We're guessing the whole ceremony is just for show and has no legal binding as animals are unable to consent. Is it a bit weird? Or is it just something a little odd that doesn't do anybody any harm?


Via NYDailyNews