People are very forthcoming with personal details when they have something to promote, as displayed nicely by Hugh Jackman below. Yarns about people urinating themselves during onstage depictions of traditional fairy tales are always welcome in my book; they're light-hearted fun. There's no life-altering ridicule, especially if the weak bladdered person in question is offering the information.

Then there's the likes of this story regarding Dragon Duncan Bannatyne which is in today's issue of The Sun. Seemingly, the TV star is so on for a bit of strange, he allegedly contacted a 23-year-old bird via Facebook (he reportedly stumbled across her page through a mutual "friend") and started contacting her by phone. Then the married 59-year-old father of six asked her to stay the night in one of his hotels (the establishment in question was of course named in the article) a mere week ago.

Driving instructor Lisa Ford said: "I couldn't believe it. I recognised his voice immediately and within minutes he was asking to meet up... At the hotel I said to him, 'So how long have you been with your wife then?' He said, ‘About 12 years... Don't worry about her'." Seemingly when Lisa asked what he was doing in a hotel room with a strange girl, then, Duncan said: "Because you're sexy. I need a girlfriend" (it has to be said, she's pretty average. His wife is a lot hotter). Lisa continued: "I realised he was after just one thing and I never want to see him again. I was flattered because he's on the telly, but forget the family man you see. He wanted sex. When I turned him down he just said, 'I'm not used to that'. All he cared about was himself. I asked if we could go for a meal and he said no, but I could go downstairs and get something if I wanted. He wouldn't even get me room service (would you have slept with him if he had? G'wan, you already went to the hotel knowing he was married). As I tried to leave to get some food (after some "initial kissing") he asked me for sex, which I refused. By then I'd had enough so I got in my car and drove off. I was in such a hurry I actually left my coat there. He can have it."

Weeeeell, Lisa, at least he was upfront about it. If you go to a hotel room to meet someone you've never met before, it's generally just for one thing. Would you prefer if he'd spun a web of lies about how he could love you, and possibly leave his wife and kiddies, with the odd pressie/lavish meal thrown in? Indeed it seems Duncan only has the energy to lie to millions of listeners. Only yesterday he was on Simon Mayo's BBC Radio 5 show, saying: "I'm a very happily married man with a beautiful wife." When asked about his family, he said: "There's nothing else is there? That's all you live for." For those of you pondering the reason behind Duncan Bannatyne's on air bleatings about his wedded bliss - he was plugging his brand new TV show, which starts tonight on BBC2... How's that for timing?! *jazz hands*