Sometimes, life gives metaphors without even trying.

Previously, a boat named after Oliver Cromwell sank on its way to Ireland. One of the leaders of the UK Independence Party was called Dick Braine. Now, a Trump rally - with boats, no less - has resulted in several ships sinking, and even one boat catching on fire.

The sinkings began in Lake Travis, Texas, during a Trump supporter rally involving a large number of pleasure boats. The sinkings occurred when larger boats began charging around the lake and creating huge wakes, which cause much smaller boats to capsize and sink. Yes, the metaphors are even more leaden than you initially realise.

Per a report by the New York Times, numerous people were pulled out of the water and at least four boats sank during the rally. Not only that, the sailing conditions on the day were reasonable enough, but the sinkings were caused by the boats moving together at high speed, which in turn caused waves.

So not only do you have people sinking their own boats in support of a man who wouldn't come to rescue them, let alone care about them, they also sank themselves because they were too stupid to understand basic sailing principles. Again, you just to have marvel at the metaphors going on here.

It gets worse, however. The whole thing was, naturally, ripe for social media and sure enough, it was eventually given a name - Dumbkirk.

Here's some of the tweets around it.