Starbucks execs are probably raging right after a parody of their coffee shops popped up in Los Angeles and took off on social media handing out free carbon copies of the coffee brands drinks.

A blatant parody of the Starbucks brand, the people behind it are getting away with the flagrant send-up apparently thanks to America's "parody laws" which allow the use of copyright material in parodical work. Which, evidently, means they can churn out the coffee and take the piss out of Starbucks all they want because it's 'art'.



Everything from the signage to the uniform and cups are replicated by the 'artists' and we don't know really what they're achieving with this, but people don't really seem to be asking that question as they get their free coffee, with queues trailing outside the outlet all weekend.

We have a feeling this won't be around for too long. 

Source: Business Insider