Just because Hollywood needs yet another awards ceremony right about now, it played host to the "1st Annual Global Action Awards Gala" held at The Beverly Hilton over the weekend. This award bash wasn't all self-serving, however, this one was for charideee.

It had a mixed bag of a turn out, including Ugly Betty, Rebecca Romijn, Katherine McPhee, Anne Archer, one f***ed up dress, Kara DioGuardi, bird from Melrose Place, Hilary Duff's lovely brunette locks, and various members of the Cyrus clan.

Tish, Brandy (yep, there's another one) and Miley herself were there, as the latter won the first ever Global Action Youth Leadership Award. By way of an acceptance speech, Miley made several parents across the world shudder with trepidation:

"I got to tell you that I never thought I would get an award from Hillary Duff. This is like a dream come true to me. She inspired me... I want [kids] to do something they love. Not something that seems like a chore because someone tells them that's the right thing to do or what their parents want or what's important to people around them, but what's in their heart."

Salvia bongs, raunchy internet snaps and hoochy dancing for all! Ah no, that's mean, just go tell your parents what Miley said about doing whatever you want and see what they say *ruffles hair*