Last night saw Todd Philips (the genius who brought The Hangover and Bradley Cooper into our lives) new flick, Due Date, get its premiere in Hollywood. If you haven't seen the trailer yet, it's worth a watch. In way of an utterly shameless plug, we have tickets to give away to a preview screening, all ya'll have to do is enter the competition *winks*

More importantly, who walked the red carpet *flicks through photos* ehhhh, those that starred in the film basically, no special guests, which is pretty disappointing seen as this film is tipped for one of the biggest comedies of the year. Robert Downey Jr., his wife and his awful shoes hung out with funny man Zach Galifianakis and his partner, Quinn Lundberg. It had be his personality that reeled her in. Here is Roberts best ponder pose, good eh? That's all the lads accounted for while the females were represented by Michelle Monaghan, Kate Walsh and Juliette Lewis, who was just hanging around.

Sin e mo chara!

-Alicia Coyle