If you ever thought to yourself, "What does a horde of 10,000 ducks actually look like?", then it's your lucky day, friend.

This video from GlobalNews on YouTube has everything you're looking for. This is no pitiful band of tiny ducks in a pond, or even a flock flying through the air. Not even close. This is a relentless horde of ducks, 10,000 strong, sweeping into a rice field in Thailand.

Their goal? Nothing less than the utter eradication of snails and pests in the rice field, as well as tamping down the earth to make it easier for the farmers to plough. Dear God, the carnage is unbearable. Look at it!

Actually, no, this is just a very cute and informative video about how ducks and farming can work well together. Basically, because they naturally eat snails and pests that would otherwise eat the rice harvest, it's better and cheaper than chemicals. Plus, the duck herder doesn't have to pay to feed his flock - because they're eating all the snails in the rice field.

Take a look.