Those saucy French sorts have gone and published photos of Kate sunning herself half starkers while staying in at a chateau owned by the Queen's nephew, Lord Linley, in Provence last week. Herself and Harry should form some kind of support group for violated Royals at this point.

According to Sky News: "A St James's Palace spokesperson has confirmed the pictures are of Kate and said the couple are 'very angered' and feel a 'red line has been crossed.' The palace said it is consulting French lawyers. Officials said the matter 'turns the clock back 15 years' - when Diana, Princess of Wales, was still the subject of intense media scrutiny. The magazine says the images show the Duchess topless on the terrace of a private house. The magazine's French website showed an image of its new front cover with a heavily pixellated photograph of the Duchess in a bikini apparently about to remove her top. But the pictures were not pixellated in the magazine when it was published this morning."

Palace officials told Sky News: "The Duke and Duchess are saddened their privacy has been breached. It's turned the clock back 15 years. They woke up to the story this morning (and) have seen the photos, which were taken at a private hotel by a private swimming pool." The palace said once they had a break in their schedule representing the Queen across the globe the couple would "turn their minds to what, if any, action they wish to take".

British newspapers apparently refused to publish the photos due to the obvious "breach of privacy".

Not the publisher of French Closer, Laurence Pieau; she wrote on her Twitter yesterday: "We can say that after tomorrow's Closer, Harry will feel less alone ..."

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