Thank feck the 12 Pubs of Christmas season is over for another year, amirite? Now Christmas Day has passed we can go back to our normal pub routines safe in the knowledge that there won't be a self-designated leader of the group shouting at us to drink up when we've just ordered a pint or making us do a shot when we address someone by their first name. We can throw that novelty jumper in the back of the wardrobe and we won't have to chow down on a five-course meal 'for soakage' before hitting the bar. Hurray!

However, even though the 12 pubs season has passed the festive season is still in full swing and you and I both know that there's nothing better than catching up with friends and family in a Christmassy pub. Especially when you don't have to leave the pub ten minutes after arriving and when you might even get a seat!

Of course you may be happy enough to while away the hours in your local but if you are in Dublin at any stage over Christmastime and are still full of festive spirit why not check out one or more of our choice of the most festive pubs in the city (hell - one of them might even be your local.)

Grogans, South William Street

The legendary good atmosphere in this pub make it the perfect place to kick back and enjoy the company of whoever you are with. There is always a festive feeling in Grogans - and the outdoor patio is one of the best people-watching spots in the city.

The Hole in the Wall, Blackhorse Avenue, Navan Road

This pub, located just outside Phoenix Park, is the best dressed in Ireland. Every Christmas the halls are expertly decked and it's simply gorgeous. You usually have to wait a while before a seat becomes available but a little wander up and down the longest pub in Ireland to take a gander at it in all its festive glory will waste some time in the nicest way possible.

Kehoes, South Anne Street

Kehoes is right in the heart of the city and is a Dublin institution where you will be encased in the festive ambiance as soon as you pass through the doors.Traditional interiors bring back assumed memories of days of yore that will help keep your fuzzy Christmas feeling fueled well into the new year.

The Long Hall, South Great George's St.

Rihanna's favourite pub in Ireland*, The Long Hall has been around since the 1800s and still has quite the Dickensian vibe. This of course makes it a wonderful place to rest your weary selves and indulge in some festive cheer. Also, it reminds us of our nana's sitting room.

*She hasn't exactly confirmed this but she did visit back in 2010.

Mulligans, Poolbeg Street

Mulligans has long been popular with the after-work crowd and tourists so needless to say there is a strong sense of joie de vivre there. It's cozy while also being spacious and it basically has that certain something that incites a Christmas feeling.

So it seems a theme has emerged without us even planning it. A long-established, traditional Irish pub is the best way to keep that festive flame a-glowin'. Have you any other suggestions? Which drinking establishment should be ranked with our top five? Let us know below.