One of the the most famous parts of the Dublin skyline, the Poolbeg towers may be knocked down.

At 680 feet tall, the twin chimneys of the Poolbeg power station, which ceased operation in 2010, may soon be knocked down, removing one of the most iconic parts of the Dublin skyline. 

The station requires some structural work and repairs, but ESB chief Pat O’Doherty has told tourism minister Leo Varadkar that the chimneys may not be part of that process according to The Irish Times, citing that it would not be the best use of resources to upgrade them.

Minister Varadkar had stated that the cost of repairs to "these iconic symbols of our city would be well spent, both for Dubliner and visitor alike", but O'Doherty countered in his response, saying that many see them as a blight on the skyline.

The structures are not protected, according to, as a motion by Labour councillor Dermot Lacey to have them listed as such was defeated in 2010 after the station's closure. Let us know what you think, is it worth the money to keep the iconic towers standing, or are they an eyesore that should be knocked down?

Via The Irish Times and Main pic via Wikipedia.