'D'awwwwww.' 'Would you look!' 'Lil baba meerkats!'

All the responses to Dublin Zoo's latest additions, which reduce almost all of us to babytalking. Even though they were born in July, Mama and Papa Meerkat kept them safe underground until they were old enough to look after themselves, not there are two many dangers in Dublin Zoo. Two questions though; why is meerkat spelt with a 'k' instead of a 'c', and if they're meerkats, why are the baby ones called pups?

I suppose I'll have to go along to the zoo to find out. If you want a better look at the little pups, you can see them from the Meerkat Restaurant in Dublin Zoo, which I've been assured doesn't actually serve Meerkat, it's just the name. Phew.

For more information, check out www.dublinzoo.ie and facebook.com/dublinzoo.