With a predicted six months to live, Joanna Anesti races against the clock to get some more time with her friends and family.

After being diagnosed with Stage 4 Glioblastoma Multiforme (a rare but highly aggressive form of cancer) around Christmas time last year, Joanna underwent five months of intensive radiotherapy and chemotherapy only to discover that not only had the tumors doubled in size, but a third tumor was growing.

Joanna, who has two boys, 4-year-old Hector and 6-year-old Jacob, is reaching out for donations in hopes that people will help her pay for Immuno Neuro Surgery.

Joanna needs €50,000 in order to have the first surgery that will remove her tumors but the total cost of her treatment will be around €200,000. Joanna plans to see a doctor in Belgium who is conducting a clinical trial that could possibly save her life.

She’s asking for donations so that she is able to have more time with her young boys and to find other clinical trials that may work better.

To date, Joanna has raised a little over €23,000 with help from colleagues, friends and family. Any money that is raised that is not used for Joanna’s medical treatment will be put into a trust fund for her two boys, and is asking for your help.

To donate, head to Joanna's iDonate page or go to hopeforjoanna.com  to find out more.