Pass Go or Go to Jail – the (literal) cornerstones that form the game of Monopoly.

The makers of the famous board game – which, we can all safely admit, has been the cause of many family feuds for generations – have announced that there’s going to be a Dublin version of Monopoly.

There has previously been an Irish edition of Monopoly, featuring places like Shannon Airport as well as numerous landmarks from Dublin, which was discontinued in 2011. However, this marks the first time the capital is getting its own full version. 

Robert Osborne from Winning Moves, the company producing the game under license from Hasbro, said: “We are expecting to be spoilt for choice for landmarks to fill this board.

“This very special edition will go into production to be ready in time for this Christmas and will hit shop shelves this October.”

Osbourne said that the game won’t be sold just in Dublin but will be available internationally through Amazon and online retailers. They expect it to be their “most extensive seller.”

The new game’s 22 multi-coloured spaces on the board will be customised for the city of Dublin and themed in sets from heritage to tourism, culture to shopping, education to business and sport to media. The Chance and Community Chest cards will also be Dublin-themed.