Dublin, that's right, the one in Ireland, is now home to one of the best hostels in the world, Generator Hostel, Smithfield.

This statistic is courtesy of Hotels Combined, and to be fair, they're probably the authority on such matters, seeing as they run a website dedicated to finding us good deals on places to stay.

The website searched 800,000 properties on their database, and gave us the ten most popular hostels over the past 18 months, which placed Generator Hostel as the third most popular place to stay.

With over 500 beds available, prices start from as little as €8.50 per person, with private rooms beginning at €35. And just in case you were wondering what's so special, it has Jameson-bottle chandeliers.

It's located beside the Jameson Distillery, so they may have easier access to such light fixtures than most of us, but they also have a bar, restaurant, internet, live music gigs and a lounge, where all major sporting events are shown. See, it's not just the chandeliers.