Good news Dublin drivers, you now can get fined up to €120 and three brand spanking new penalty points on your license if you break one crossing in the city centre.

A new automated red light camera system has been installed at the junction of Blackhall Place and the Luas Red Line on the north side of the city in an attempt to minimise collisions with trams and make road users more aware of the Luas overall.

The new installment is the first of its kind in the country, and mirrors preexisting systems in the rest of Europe and in the US that take photos automatically of cars that break red lights at certain stops.

And those dumb/ballsy enough to try and contest the points in court could get up to five if they are convicted. If successful, the system may be rolled out to other junctions.

As we've seen before, Luas and car collisions pose serious threats to both drivers and passengers on trams, with RTÉ reporting that since it began operating in 2004, there have been 338 collisions between the Luas and other vehicles, 95% of which occurred on the Red Line.